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Anonymous asked: could you share this for me? I'm too shy to do it myself — look at you, how could they break you? you tape yourself back together but they just keep fucking breaking you, and I know it gets harder and harder to tape yourself back together, but you still keep fucking trying because you hope that one day someone will come along and "fix" you, but deep down, you know they just keep coming to break you into smaller pieces, but you let them, why do you let them? 🌸



anita-divanian asked: Sorry what?


Anonymous asked: lesbian?


Only for Beyoncé.

Marilyn Monroe photographed by George Barris on Santa Monica beach, 1962

"You know, for the first time in a long time I feel that something good is going to come out of my life…and I’m beginning to think that the something good is me."

- Marilyn Monroe (via missingmarilyn)